Investment Strategy

Blockchain underlying technology

The Blockchain is still at an early stage of development as the technology gradually improves. At the current stage, the underlying technology framework/protocol is one of the biggest bottlenecks that hinder the rapid development of the Blockchain industry and urgently requires breakthrough development in this area. We will invest in key technologies such as public chains, cryptography, consensus mechanisms, Web Assembly, State Channels, Oracle protocols, cross-link communications, sub-chain computing and decentralized storage. For the accuracy of investment, we will do a lot of due diligence, technical source code reading, product testing, team interviews and other work to ensure that the selection of truly high-quality underlying technology projects.

Blockchain Upper Application

In the current stage of Ethereum's technical design, due to the limitations of throughput, imperfections of development libraries and restrictions on the market's political environment, applications that are open to public lack expansion, hence decentralized applications combined with the real economy are still far away. In the short term, we rarely consider investing in pure upper application level projects. However, we believe that in the next 1-2 years, as next-generation general-purpose computing platforms like EOS, Dfinity, and Zilliqa gradually mature, decentralized applications will be more stable and expandable. It will also be a better time to invest and set up the upper application.

Blockchain Industry Services

The development of the Blockchain industry not only urgently requires the development and maturation of the underlying key technologies, but also requires the support of coordinated development of the industry at the horizontal level. Our layout and investments include: wallets, exchanges, information platforms/media, data analysis, incubators, Blockchain education, etc. We believe that these areas have very good potentials. Our goal is beyond the purchase of equity, but also to invest in a better layout of the Blockchain ecosystem, promote the development of the entire industry, and help Blockchain technology to achieve real popularity.

Secondary market

Digital currencies are much more volatile, and we often see more than 50% of price fluctuations in the short-term. Project market valuations will also experience significant fluctuations. The ICO market will be greatly affected by policies and Bitcoin, hence sometimes stocks fall on their first day of trading. Therefore, we carry out value investment based on robotic program that are designed by certain rules: automatically buying undervalued items in the secondary market, and when the market fluctuates over the actual value, the robot will automatically cash in tokens to recover profits for investors. In this way, we balance out long-term investment cash flow with short-term investment returns for investors . In terms of project selection, we have a dedicated research team to track project progress and analyze the latest code contributions to ensure the accuracy of value judgments.

Investment Case

Upper Application
Underlying technology
Industry Service

Upper Application

Underlying technology

Industry Service

Management Team

Yu Duan
Co-founder of Zenith Ventures
Founder and CEO of Leilook Finance
  Founder of Moxi Capital and Consultant of ASEAN ICO research institution in Thailand
He is robust believer in Bitcoin, and has participate in over 200 Blockchain project investments

Jiawei Qu
Co-founder of Zenith Ventures
Vice Chairman of One-Belt-One-Road organization
Co-founder of ASEAN ICO research institute
  Co-founder of Digital Asset Exchange in Thailand and Co-founder of Blockchain Financial Service

Carl Yu
Partner of Zenith Ventures
Honorary Chairman of ASEAN Blockchain Technology Application Research Institute
  Founder of Shanghai-London Connect ltd
Chairman of Global Crypto Hedge Fund in Thailand

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