Coporate upgrading with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain and

the Next Generation Corporates

Blockchain provides a systematic solution for the next-level corporate technology. With its unique characteristics, namely distributed ledger, smart contracts, consensus and immutability, it will change how businesses will run and how transactions will be conducted. It automates intermediate works, builds trust and consensus among people, removes system redundancy, and brings a wave of business redesign and reengineering.

Blockchain promises to reshape and evolve many applications scenarios, including but not limited to finance, logistics, healthcare, energy, legal, charity and many others. ZV stands at the forefront of the evolution to bring the best solutions to our clients and partners.

Benefits of ZV Solution

With the integrated solution from ZV, corporates can now transfer their entire business on the blockchain, including their supply chain finance system, payment system, receivable and payable system, supplier and sales management system, digital certification and others.

ZV breaks the channel barrier in many traditional businesses and brings corporates directly to their consumers. Our robust and ultra-fast next-generation clearing and settlement system makes business transactions and cross-border payment possible with the tap of a finger.

The ZV solutions will significantly improve business efficiency, financial healthiness and drastically reduces cost of operation and process redundancy. Revenue, profit and customer base are promised to be boosted exponentially.

Example Scenarios

Cross-border payment for corporates and merchants

Tokenized payment is becoming an important application for blockchain and cryptocurrency. It drastically reduces the cost and time required for cross-border payment, making it an ideal solution for cross-border transactions. ZV empowers merchants and corporates to issue their own branded tokens while our robust protocol makes it a breeze to carry out the entire process of fiat-crypto exchange, payment, clearing and settlement.

Payable and Receivable System

ZV established comprehensive payable and receivable system for corporates. Established on the ZV protocol, the solution enables easy payment and recipient of funds between corporates.

It also brings corporates, sales channels and end users/consumers on the same chain, connecting corporates directly with consumers to establish a new decentralized management business macro-environment.

Supply Chain Finance Solution

Based on the consensus among the core parties on a supply chain, the ZV solution can connect business credential and financial credibility in a single chain.

ZV have provided solution to many corporates. For example, in a leasing companies with high financing cost and inflexible cash flow, ZV has established a professional blockchain platform for commercial papers. The platform ensures great liquidity and safety of the papers while eliminating operational risk. Authenticity and complete traceability are also assured.